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This website provides information and support for families affected by Rett syndrome.

You will find here information about Rett New Zealand, a brief description of Rett syndrome, links to current research and links to other useful sites. We have also added a page for personal stories and other contributions for families to share their experiences.

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2014 Rett New Zealand Conference

Out and about at the 2014 conference at Ellerslie, Auckland.

Look who supports Rett Syndrome

Julia Roberts became committed to helping find a cure for Rett Syndrome after meeting Abigail Brodsky, a young girl battling the disease. Julia appeared in the Discovery Channel's Silent Angels: The Rett Syndrome Story and testified before Congress about the need for more research on the crippling neurological disease.
Rose Hill Designs: Believe in a Cure
Illustration by Heather Stillufsen

Latest News

December 6 2014

Teaching Rett Girls

Tips for teaching Rett girls
November 12 2014

Successful Clinical Trials for Prof Margaret Brimble's NNZ2566

Neuren Pharma: Optimistic results of the drug NNZ2566
September 7 2014

A new clinical trial increased head circumference but did not lessen symptoms

An Italian trial showing some hope but not lessening the symptoms.
September 7 2014

Ipad apps for our girls

IPAD APPS recommended by Rett Parents
September 7 2014

Language Through Motor Planning

Interesting site with ideas for Motor Planning for non verbal children
September 5 2014

Music Therapy

The advantages of Music Therapy from the Music Therapy Centre of California. This article would be helpful for parents and teachers.
September 5 2014

Ideas for Music Therapy

Graphic with five practical steps for Rett music therapy
September 3 2014

Mayo Clinic - Treatment Suggestions for Rett Syndrome

While Rett syndrome has no cure, research suggests that intervention begun soon after the diagnosis offers the greatest chance of producing a positive impact on skills in later years. The earlier treatment starts, the better the possibility for learning as well as managing other problems developed by individuals with Rett syndrome.